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TDF Plan: Tissue Library

Acute Library:

Acute library

The tissue library menu in the Biology group accesses some data for various tissues from Dr Hall's textbook and other sources. There are separate α/β menus for early and late effects. The menu will access data for whichever reaction is currently the primary focus. These data are stored in a tab delimited text file named "TDFData.txt" that accompanies the calculator. This file MUST be located in the same folder as the application itself.

Late Library:

Late library

You can customize the data and/or add more examples if you wish using a program such as Microsoft Excel (recommended) to edit the "TDFData.txt" file. The file consists of lines (rows) of keywords follwed by tab delimited data fields. Add more rows to either the early, late or both sections maintaining the same format as the existing rows and be sure to change the number of entries field to reflect the number of data rows. Please email the author ( if you have specific customization requirements and do not feel confident enough to implement them yourself.

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