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TDF Plan: How to download and install on the Vista Operating System

  • The following is a step-by-step example of how to download and install TDF Plan using Microsoft's Vista OS as an example. Other OS versions will likely be similar.
  • In your web browser click the download link.
  • Choose to Save the file.
  • will download to your Vista user Downloads folder.
  • When the download is complete click the Open Folder button.
  • Double click to expand the downloaded .zip file into a folder.
  • Select Extract all files.
  • Extract the files to the same location as the download for now.
  • Click the Extract button.
  • The files will extract.
  • Drag the extracted TDF_Plan folder from the download location into your root level Program Files folder.
move folder
  • After moving the folder into the Program Files folder it should be gone from the downloads folder.
after move
  • You may optionally wish to create a shortcut to the TDF_Plan folder on your desktop.
make shortcut
  • The shortcut to the folder might look like this.
desktop alias
  • You can launch TDF Plan from here.
run program
  • or create a shortcut to the program on the desktop.
desktop shortcut
  • The shortcut to the application might look like this.
desktop shortcut

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